Real Estate


Looking to take that next step, this real estate company wanted a strategy that would address some immediate challenges while providing a direction for the future.

We asked them about their vision and goals for the future. We spent some time with key members of staff to understand the difficulties they were having and how they were impacting the business. We looked at their key deliverables of the business and how these were created through the business processes, staff, and systems. We talked with suppliers and customers.

Our research identified some key area that needed improvement

  • Some more rigor was required in parts of the business so that processes were completed and not drop through the cracks.
  • Securely managing and sharing information was a big element of the business and required a more efficient way to do this.
  • Some technology platforms were not delivering and in some cases making it more difficult.
  • New processes and system were required to provide better visibility of end to end business processes.

With the key issues identified we developed a strategy and plan to address these while still delivering on the long-term needs of the business. With the new strategy in place, our customer started in their direction.