Government Agency


When you customer say “Best project we have had in years”, you know you got it right.

This governemnt department wanted to deploy a new technology platform with minimal disruption to the business. With the potential to impact the business, a large number of staff, and daily workflows, a change program was developed and put into action.

Our change program had to address a number of key areas including technology changes, changes in workflows and overcoming any resistance by staff. Our plan included comprehensive communication and training programs that allowed all staff to feel comfortable with the changes that were coming and what it meant for them. We worked with IT to have in place all of the systems, plaforms and security to support the technologies. We included strategies to recognise and address risks.

Reporting was put in place to measure the project’s success and ensure that all staff were ready before the changes were rolled out to the business. Ongoing support addressed any questions or refreashers that staff needed.

A great project and similar to several other we have been involved with.

This project leveraged the following services: