Modern Design

Modern Design.

A look and feel that gives your customers confidence in you and your brand. 81% of people have used the internet to research their purchases, so having a well-designed site with the content customers are looking for is becoming more important.


User Experience (UX)

UX stands for User experience. There has been a lot of research about people interaction with websites, which includes colour, fonts, buttons, speed, media, layout, flow, etc, etc. A lot of the modern design templates that are being released have included a lot of these elements into their designs. My suggestion is to find websites that you like and take a note of them and the features you like. Any good web designer will be able to incorporate what you have seen into a design for you.


Finding information

Probably one of the most important of these is a design that allows your customers to find the information they want, quickly and easily. First, you need to make sure you have the information they are looking for on your site. Once you have the information, it needs to be easy to find. This could be the inclusion of a search button on your site, clear heading that guides the user to the content they are looking for, a site structure that means they are no more than two clicks away from what they need, subtopics linked to the main content, content that is readable and makes sense.

Google also likes good content and will direct customers to your site if it is informative and answers their questions. A big part of good content is understanding what customers are searching for. Some good research is advised, otherwise, you will miss opportunities and most likely change your site in the future. A good area to look for this advice is in the area of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which covers many things but one of these is keyword analysis.


New Customers

We all want new customers and having a custom design website that showcases your products and services is a good start. With more and more people using the internet to research their next purchase, it is important to have a site that answers their questions or encourages them to give you a call. A website is a great platform for converting new customers and it is selling for you 24 hours a day. Add to this eMarketing and you can target those potential customers who showed an interest in internet ads and email campaigns.


Technical Design

A good technically designed website will tick all the boxes. There are a lot of standards that search engines will measure your site by and if these are not done properly your site can be demoted in the search rankings. So making sure these elements are setup properly is important. A lot of these relate to the speed that the site loads, can it be used on all devices, does it tell people what your site is about, are all of the tags setup properly, can the site be searched and many more.


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