Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly

Improve your search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website and get more customers. Research indicates that a business that features on the first page of the search results receive 67% more business. Get more customers by having a website that works well with the search engines.


Good Content

Providing information that your visitors want is still the most important element of a website. If your website answers the questions that people are searching for, search engines can feature you on the first page of the search results. Understanding what users are looking for so that you can develop good content is part of SEO Services and you can use eMarketing to target customers and present your business to them.


Technical Elements

With a search engine friendly site, there are many more elements. Your ability to add tags to tell the search engine about your site, product, business, location, people and more. How quickly does your website start presenting information the users, is it accessibility friendly, is it cell phone and tablet friendly, have you compressed your code, does your code load in the correct order and many more? A good website design will include a lot of these elements, but a website check can show those that you have missed.



Search engines normally present the page title and first part of the web page (snippet) in the search results and this is sometimes not user-friendly. A search engine friendly website will allow you to adjust the information that is presented in the search results so that you have more chance of people clicking on your site.


Optimisation Services

Add our Search Engine Optimization services to discuss all the above search engine requirements and more.  Discover high traffic content that is relevant to your target customers and can promote you above your competition. Understand your competition and what it will take to elevate your site above theirs.


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