Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization. SEO in many respects, its quality control for websites and your web presence, to help you secure more business. It is optimising to reach a high position in Google’s – or another search engine’s – search results or rankings.

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Focusing on creating visible results for you and your business, we offer specialised advice and production with particular focus on search engines and social media.

We help you throughout the process, from the first analysis to the finished results, or just assist with the specific tasks you need.

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What is SEO

SEO focuses on rankings in the organic (non-paid) search results. To achieve this all elements of your web presence must satisfy search engine criteria.

Search engine optimisation criteria can be broken down into four areas:

  1. Technical aspects of your website
  2. Content of your website
  3. Authority of your website
  4. Your Social Media profiles


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    SEO Technical Aspects of your Site

    There are believed to be over 200 criteria that search engines use for ranking websites. Most of these criteria are focused on the end-user experience of delivering them what they are looking for, fast. For example with more and more people using phones to search the web, a website that uses minimal data, loads quickly and is easily viewable meets the criteria. Having a site that meets the technical elements helps you to deliver this experience to users. If it does not the search engines will reduce your rankings.

    Some more examples of technical elements that can disrupt or improve the experience include; responsiveness, page titles, site structure, navigation, virus – malware, broken links, redirects, schemas, tags, images, permalinks, keyword stuffing, ads, duplicate content, hidden content, internal links, no-follows, page load order, server response, meta descriptions, key content and more


    SEO Content

    Is the process of ensuring a website can be found by search engines for words, phrases, questions, products, services, images and videos relevant to what your business is offering. You can be hard to find if your current website content is not what people are searching for or relevant? If your competition has more relevant content they will be found more often than you.

    What you need to consider is, what are people looking for, what questions do they want to be answered, how will they search for that information, for your industry are there specific words or phrases that are searched for more than others. Different types of content are ranked differently by the search engines so if you are struggling to get your web page up in the rankings, maybe a strategy around specific content will allow you to be featured on the first page of results.


    SEO Authority

    Search engines give your web presence an authority ranking which is mainly based on how popular you are. There are many different types of authority that search engines can rank you for, such as local, industry, content, news, product and more. It is important to know what your SEO goals are before starting an SEO campaign as some authority areas will be more difficult than others.

    As an example, let say a customer does a search for some information, clicks on your site from the search results only to return to the search results 10 seconds later. This tells the search engine that your site maybe did not answer the question that was asked in the search, so may reduce your authority for that search term. If the customer stays on your site, it may indicate that you have good information related to that search, so may increase your authority. Another example is when other websites from your industry refer to your business, website or content which indicates to the search engine you have some authority in that industry.


    SEO Social Media

    Social Media is starting to become a favourite place for people to search for products and services, so having a good social media profile is important to securing new business. A lot of people will ask their friends on Social Media for recommendations and then go looking for your profile to see what your social rating is. Or they may go searching for images, infographics, videos, ebooks or more. Sometimes your Social Media content can rank higher than your websites.

    You can also link your social media sites and advertising to your website, helping to direct customers to more information and landing pages (optimised pages for securing customers). Much like a website having the right content and setup of your Social Media is important for SEO.


    SEO campaign

    Give us a call so we can talk about what you want to achieve, your goals, demographics, competitors. We start with an SEO Audit which looks at the four key areas above. We will provide you with a report which looks at your current rankings, areas that can be improved and recommendations. You may want to pass this on to your website manager or have us run an SEO campaign to provide ongoing SEO optimisation.

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