Measure eCommerce Success

How do you measure your eCommerce Success?


There is no doubt that the main measure for eCommerce is SALES.

But if you are having to continually advertise to get sales instead of return visitors your cost per sale can be higher.

If you are up selling or cross-selling effectively this can increase your average order value.

How many visitors get to the cart and then leave? Do you have an abandoned cart follow-up?

If you are you getting more customers from specific channels, is that because you got your message right or is it the media type being used?

Is your business growing?

Answering questions like these require you to measure the effectiveness of your eCommerce site. If you are not measuring you do not even know it is not performing well or could be performing better. It could turn you eCommerce store into a megastore.

Insights you gain from measuring gives you the ability to optimise, optimise, optimise.

How do you measure eCommerce success