How to write good words for SEO

Good Words for SEO

Why should you know how to write good words for Search Engine Optimisation? (SEO) Content is still king when it comes to search engine rankings. If you have the right kind of information you will appear higher in the search rankings. Content is one of the many elements of good search engine rankings. When you are building a website you need to consider the content you are going to have to attract the search engines and new customers.

Search the keywords the page is targeting

Start by searching the keywords you want to be known for. If you do a search on Google using your keywords and have a look at the results, this will give you an idea of what the search engines think is important. Have a look at the results at the bottom of the page to see what other search terms are being used that use your keywords.

List the information people want to find

Think about the kind of information people are looking for and where they are in their search journey. Are people researching the topic, looking to compare or looking for a specific product or service? What information can you provide them that will help them in their search? What information do others provide and what is missing, that could make your content even more appealing?

List what people want to achieve

What do people want to achieve by doing their search? What can you provide them that will make that easier or will help them solve their problem? How do others present that information and can you make it easier or better for searchers?

Create a visual layout for good UX

So now that your content has got them to your website, you now need to keep them there. If the searcher quickly clicks that back button, search engines measure this as low engagement. Often searchers are looking for the keywords, headings or even pictures that relate to their search. If they do not see it or are not happy that this is the kind of website they were searching for, they are gone. Too many back button clicks and your search engine ranking goes down. Create a user experience (UX) that will keep them there. Think about your layout before you begin.


You have now completed your research and know what you want to write about. WRITE. Write naturally without trying to use the words that came out of your research or even forcing the topics into your text. Seach engines and searchers like content that has a natural flow about it.

Add keywords and topics into the page

Time to review what you have written and add in the keywords and topics that came from your research.

Add content and or ideas that will make people want to share

If the content is king then links are the queen. You really want other people to share your content because the more links back to your website the higher your ranking in the search engine results. Have a look at what you have written and what content you could add to make it go viral. Shocking, emotional, factual, graphical…. Share your content, by sending it to those who could use it on their website, like industry sites and publications. Publish your post on blog sites that have sections related to your topic. Find those who have written about your topic in the past as they may be interested in your new insights.

Writing good content for SEO