How to get ranking with SEO


Having your website rank in the search engines is a goal for many owners of websites, particularly with the promise of more sales and higher user engagement. This makes the effort to be on the first page of the search rankings a goal worth investigating.

It may not be as hard as you think. If you are interested in ranking for searches for your products, services or industry have a look at who is ranking.

Have a look at:

  • Their meta description to see what issues they are solving for customers.
  • Their website to see what content they are delivering
  • The questions they are answering
  • The additional useful information they are providing
  • Site structure
  • Overall user experience.

If they are able to get the users to stay on their site, search engines assume that the user has found what they want, so their rankings can increase as a result.

Maybe their site got lots of attention due to some content that went viral, a news article, an advert or a post. This may have increased their overall site ranking. Do a search of their domain name and scroll down the search engine results ignoring the normal contact us, about us. If there is a result from their site for a particular post, product, service, landing page that is featuring highly in the results have a look at the page and the content. Do a search for the company name and see what other websites mention them or link to them.

If you feel that your website is as good or better then it may be time to engage with an SEO company and get them to have a look at the elements on our list below. If you think that your website and content need some work use the results from your searches to give you ideas as this is what the search engines believe people are looking for.

What do you need to rank in search engines:

  • Can then search engine read your page, content, images, text, videos and embedded content
  • Does your page answer the questions people are searching for and have the words they use
  • Search Google – what words and content is presented, what was and was not answered
  • Does your page solve the customers need, so they stay on your page
  • Will they pick you if they see your title, URL, meta description or snippet
  • Does your content use primary and secondary keywords
  • Do you use schema and rich snippets if they are available
  • What is your page speed, user experience and security
  • What is on your page that will make people want to share it


Ranking with SEO