Does your sales funnel bring people back

Having a sales funnel can be very important to your success on the internet. A sales funnel helps you to engage with your target audience at each stage of their journey to maximise your investment in internet marketing. With each engagement you increase the potential to convert, with the conversion rates doubling on the 2nd to 5th visit (engagement).

Before you develop your sales funnel you should establish your social media goals, how you are going to measure social media success if your measure is in financial terms and what tools will be best for your content marketing?

With almost every social media platform offering search capabilities your content and messaging needs to match those you are targeting and when you are targeting them. If you are using paid advertising there is the potential to target your messaging based on past engagement, location, age, interests, profile and much more.

To maximise your conversion rate a sales funnel is an important part of your eMarketing strategy.

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