Get all of your web and social media efforts connected to maximise your internet presence and advertising. 

A connected social media strategy can help you to drive more visitors to your website. 

Social media allows you to keep your brand, products, promotions, and messages in front of your current and potential customers.

Social tree

Share Buttons

Social media share buttons on your website will allow visitors to share information from your site to their social media accounts. These shares will be seen by all of their social media friends, providing you with instant advertising and credibility. If someone shares your content with a link back to your site this increases your websites credibility and potentially your search rankings.


Connection Buttons

Social media connection buttons allow visitors to connect to or view your social media feeds. Once they are there, some will follow you or even give you a positive review. More and more people are using social media to check your ratings or even find businesses. If you have good reviews, it is an endorsement for those looking to buy.


Social Media Marketing

Every time you gain a new follower anything you post will show in their news feed, as they are scrolling through their social media. This continues to remind your followers about your business and brand. When they do a search for a product or service you offer, it will show anything you have posted with those terms near the top of the list.

Using social media marketing you can then directly target your followers. You also have the option to choose similar audience, where it will target people similar to those that already follow you.


Two-way communication

You can connect your website and social media analytics and marketing so that they share information. You can track how much traffic your social media advertising is bringing to your website and if a user then took an action (sometimes called a conversion). Activities from your website, such as did they read a blog, which shows an interest. Using this information you can remarket to those people who have already shown an interest, making them a better target than most.


Landing pages

Landing pages are web pages you send users to from your social media, internet, and other advertising. Often the pages have a promotion, signup option or offer to your customers. Having a cohesive message between your advertising and website is important for converting new customers.



Social media search is being used more and more by people looking for products and services. Having content on your social media sites about your services and product will help people find you and your website. People are using social media to check your reviews and comments by other people.



Your website blog can also be connected to your social media accounts so that any new blogs are automatically published to your social media feeds. It provides a consistency of message and branding regardless of where people find you. As we have stated above, if you have information in social media that people are looking for, this can be connected back or lead them to your website, where you can convert them into a customer.



Your website can be connected to your email marketing platform. On your website you can prompt visitors to sign up to your blog, email marketing, product offerings, promotions or messages, When customers purchase you can collect their email address. Or you can add their email address. Every email communication is another chance to sell, with connections back to your purchase landing pages or products.