The Strategic Planning Journey

I really enjoyed this infographic about strategic planning. The Strategic Planning process is a journey that takes you past all the signposts of Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. It touches on some of the key elements that are important when going through this journey.

When you start getting asked the hard questions, that’s when the journey gets really interesting.

There is one question that will peel back the layers faster than any I know and that is “Why is that important to our customers”. It can often get frustrating as you try to grapple with the answer to the next layer that is revealed. If you get to the point where you can answer that question and there are no more layers, you are very close to understanding the hidden gems that will lead you to success.

There are two words of caution here:

  1. We are very good a fooling ourselves into believing that we know what our customers are thinking. Make sure you check you reasoning with your current clients to validate that you have it correct.
  2. Even if they say your logic is sound, ask them if it will solve a problem that they have. People are polite. Often the best way to tell that you have it right is when they start asking you “When can we have it”

When you kick things off, make sure that you have goals that are measurable. You could spend a lot of time, effort and money putting in place your strategies and tactics only to find they are not delivering the results you expected. Your mission and vision may not have changed, but it is at this point you will revisit your plans and adjust your strategy and tactics using the new insights you have gained.

Remember a Strategic Planning is a living thing and needs to be revisited regularly.

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