I use some of these elements in my sales excellence training program.

When you get it, you will suddenly see it in deals you have won or lost. You probably didn’t even see it, or realise how much it is present in every deal. Your customers probably don’t even realise how much it controls their decisions and try to use logic to justify their purchases. Regardless, once you get it, you can use to your advantage.

You know the sales opportunity where you are getting all the right noises from the customer, and every thing is telling you that you have the deal. Then you get that call telling you have missed out. You missed the emotional buy.

I did some work with a specialist bid management company that had a 90% success rate on all deals. We were working for a company on a deal they really wanted to win. A significant part of their approach focused on the buyers emotional buying signals and their influence on the deal.

I have this built into part of my sales excellence approach, which looks at how we can influence and change these emotional signals to win business.

More difficult to execute in an e-Commerce environment. But have a read and see if you can see it in some of you sales.

Little-Known Personalization Strategy that’s Taking the Web By Storm (And How to Use It) https://blog.kissmetrics.com/little-known-personalization-strategy/

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