50 Employee Engagement Ideas


Employee engagement is a hot topic in the world of human resources, and for good reason. According to Gallup research cited by Paul Keegan, reporting for Inc. Magazine, only “30 percent of American workers are engaged at work.” The cost of this disengagement ranks in at a whopping $450 billion to $550 billion per year, encompassing […]

Culture and Change, how are they related

Corporate Culture is an important part of Change Management All change in organizations is challenging, but perhaps the most daunting is changing culture. There are at least two reasons for this: Culture is a soft concept – If there’s no concrete way of defining or measuring culture, then how can you change it? Culture represents […]

Eight Steps to Efficient Change Management

EFFICIENT CHANGE MANAGEMENT Change is good, but it can also wreak havoc on an organisation if not managed with thought and careful planning. Here are seven steps to managing change in any organisation, efficiently. Assuage fears upfront. Top fears include being replaced, not being able to keep up with new skills, not having enough time/resources […]

Communication is Paramount in Change Management

IT’S AGAINST HUMAN NATURE TO REACT FAVORABLY TO CHANGE It’s against human nature to react favorably to change because it takes people out of their comfort zone. How have you seen people react to changes in their work? The typical reaction is resistance. Such resistance can often sabotage the best efforts of management to drive […]

Strategic Planning Journey

The Strategic Planning Journey I really enjoyed this infographic about strategic planning. The Strategic Planning process is a journey that takes you past all the signposts of Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. It touches on some of the key elements that are important when going through this journey. When you start getting asked the […]

Many lessons can be learnt from the approach to change

Many lessons can be learnt from the approach that businesses have taken to the change process. Some of these businesses had to change to survive, so it took some strong leadership and bold plans. Others wanted to enter new markets or change their business model to address challenges. Change is inevitable for all businesses, with […]

Leading Change

  The term “leadership” can bring to the mind several arrays of thoughts. By the mere mention of the word, there can be an image of a political leader, and again there can be an image of a leader of explorers who all by himself cuts the woods so that a path could be formed […]