14 Ways to Qualify a Sales Lead

During your first conversation with a prospective customer, your job is to discover if they’ve got the money to buy your offering and if you’re talking to the person who has the authority to buy. To this end, there are fourteen questions that you should memorize so that you can introduce one or more of […]

The #1 Overlooked Strategy for Business Growth

Everyone’s on the lookout for strategies to quickly grow their business. Most overlook this one. Many people ask me how to get better at marketing. They’re usually entrepreneurs who are trying to get results from strategies that aren’t appropriate for their business’ stage of growth. Executing any strategy has a lot of nuances and, for most […]

Sales Advice: Improve Your Storytelling

You’ve already spent time perfecting your questioning and listening skills. But how good is your storytelling? There are three key skills that define a great salesperson: the ability to ask great questions, the ability to listen actively, and the ability to tell great stories.  You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about the first […]

Managing Difficult Employees: Does Your Rock Star Have a Bad Attitude? 

If left unchecked, high-performing “bad apples” can destroy your team. Here’s how to handle the situation without losing a star performer. Most business owners have encountered one of the most troublesome types of employee, the type I call the “high-performing bad apple.” These are individuals who typically do great work–they’re sharp, knowledgeable, and influence others–but […]

Motivating Salespeople: What Really Works

Sales executives are always looking for ingenious ways to motivate their teams. They stage grand kickoff meetings to announce new bonus programs. They promise exotic trips to rainmakers. When business is slow, they hold sales contests. If sales targets are missed, they blame the sales compensation plan and start from square one. The finance organization, meanwhile, […]