Why Strategic Planning Fails

Making Goals Really Matter and Work Goals are critical measurements of accomplishment, progress, and success. However, how goals are created is a situation often rife with issues and challenges – especially when the goals are made up, or disconnected from a well-understood and sensible foundation. Too many organizations have goals that are untethered to anything […]

Why You Should Build a Culture of Giving Back

Making charitable donations isn’t simply a feel-good thing. If you do it right, those donations can drive change in your community and within your organization. Giving to your favorite charity feels good, there’s no denying that. But your charitable initiatives can have a greater impact on your company than you may think. Gone are the […]

50 Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee engagement is a hot topic in the world of human resources, and for good reason. According to Gallup research cited by Paul Keegan, reporting for Inc. Magazine, only “30 percent of American workers are engaged at work.” The cost of this disengagement ranks in at a whopping $450 billion to $550 billion per year, encompassing […]

7 Elements of a Great Company Culture 

Build these things into your culture and your rock star talent will take you to the top. Earlier this month I revealed my 51 Rules of Leadership Excellence. I put them in random order because they are equally critical to success, but Rule 11 begs further discussion: Consciously build a powerful company culture. Otherwise, it will build […]

You’ve optimized your processes, and streamlined your operation. So now what?

You’ve optimized your processes, and streamlined your operation. So now what? Every operational organization that I know is focused on cost savings and efficiency.  They each use different tools, 40X, Lean, Six Sigma, Activity Based Costing (to name a few), route optimization, KPI’s, Scorecards, Metrics.   Sometimes they use more than one or a combination of […]

How future proof are you

Following is a quiz that will take you through a range of questions to help you identify your awareness of your job-within-the-job and how you handle its challenges. Do you have the qualities that separate good performers from those who have a future-proof career? And learning these skills will kick-starts a virtuous cycle of spotting barriers […]

No worries be happy planning

How do you plan to reduce your worrying? Winston Churchill gave us a great quote and his answer is to plan. I am going to take it one step further than that, as we all worry about the future. A least with a plan we are actively involved in the outcome and not just waiting […]