An advertising campaign created from your analytics

An advertising campaign created from your analytics

A traditional approach to creating an advertising campaign is to develop a message that you think will attract customers and try it out. If you have several ideas, you may test these in an A/B advertising campaign to understand which message gains you more customer interactions. Over time and with much trial an error you will develop adverts that work well for your business.

In this blog, an alternative approach is investigated using some existing customer data, that maybe you didn’t even know you had. If you have google analytics connected to your website you can use the data from there to help determine the messages that resonate well with your customers. These messages can be used to create advertising and landing pages that work.

This may give you an insight that you never had about your customers and that A/B testing may not reveal.

If you are just starting and do not have this kind of data, have a look at backlink reports for your competitors websites that give the page authority (PA) score. Using the same approach analyse the high scoring pages for messages and images you could try in your next campaign.

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